Esteban Cvitkovic, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Cvitkovic is a medical oncologist focused on early stage development of single agent and combination regimens for treatment of cancer.  Over the last 30 years, first as an academic investigator and then through a clinical research organization (CRO) specialized in oncology, Dr. Cvitkovic has been responsible for defining the clinical utility and enabling the registration of many oncology drugs, including cisplatin, oxaliplatin, vindesine, bleomycin, navelbine, amifostine, and, more recently, irinotecan, docetaxel, and trabectedin.  Concomitantly, he led therapeutic advances in germ cell tumors, squamous head and neck cancer, EBV-related nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma, pancreatic cancer, and soft tissue sarcomas.  Dr. Cvitkovic currently holds a faculty appointment at Hospital Beaujon in Paris.

Prior to co-founding OncoEthix, Dr. Cvitkovic founded Cvitkovic & Associes Consultants, SA (CAC), a CRO specialized in oncology, subsequently sold to AAIPharma. OncoEthix co-founders all were associated with CAC, Dr. Noel and Mr. Paternot as board members and Dr. Herait as head of clinical research.  Subsequent to co-founding OncoEthix, Dr. Cvitkovic founded Oncology Therapeutic Development (OTD), a CRO specialized in oncology, to manage early clinical trials for OncoEthix and other clients.  Dr. Cvitkovic heads the Scientific Board of the Foundation Nelia & Amadeo Barletta, a non-profit entity that supports translational research for individual cancer treatment, and also serves on scientific boards for several biotech companies.  Dr. Cvitkovic received his M.D. from the University of Buenos Aires and completed fellowships in Pharmacology at the Mario Negri Institute and in Medical Oncology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.